5 Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in NW Florida

You want your home to run efficiently: to stay cool in the hot summer months, and to be comfortable and warm during the chilly months. You also want to save money on your power bill.

Sometimes, though, it’s tough to figure out how to make these desires a reality. When you consider the fact that some NW Florida residents see doubled energy bills in the winter, it’s easy to see how common the struggle is.

Fortunately, it is possible to decrease your utility bill with a few smart steps.

If you live in an area like Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, or anywhere in Walton County and are looking for ways to save money on your electric bill this winter, here are five tips to help you get started:

First Things First: Get an Electrical Inspection

Before you can start saving money on your electric bill, it’s important to understand the current state of your home’s efficiency.

The first step should be to contact your electrical utility. Most companies offer free electrician-conducted efficiency assessments during the colder months of the year. An all-out electrical inspection is also a fantastic idea and can save you hundreds in heating costs.

You can also take a look at your appliance and utility bills to identify spikes and potential weak points.

How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill: 5 Smart Tips

While NW Florida doesn’t get frigid in the winter, you can still save a substantial amount of money on your utility bills with these tips:

1. Check the Seals on Windows and Doors

If the seals around your windows and doors are old or outdated, you’ll just be heating the great outdoors all season long. As the temperature drops, make sure these critical areas are well-sealed (reinforce with caulk, if needed). This will also benefit your home by keeping cold air in during the summer months.

2. Get a Programmable Thermostat

You want your home to be warm and toasty when you’re in it, but what about when you’re gone for the weekend? Invest in a programmable thermostat (like Nest) to “learn” your daily behaviors, and set the thermostat 10-15 degrees lower when you plan to be gone for the weekend. Doing so can lower your annual heating costs dramatically.

3. Check Your Ductwork

If you have an older home, you likely also have leaks in your ductwork. Fixing these leaks can improve the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems, and make your cool-weather home a more comfortable place.

4. Wear Extra Clothing Indoors

Instead of jacking your thermostat all the way up, why not wear an extra sweater and put on a pair of socks? A simple yet effective approach, this can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill this winter.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Hot Water Heater

Most water heaters have a default setting of 140 degrees. If you lower it to 120 degrees, though, you stand to lower your heating costs by up to 10%. If you’re leaving town for a weekend, you can save even more by setting your water heater to its lowest possible setting.

Have additional questions on how to conserve electricity this winter?  Contact our team of skilled electricians today to learn more.

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