Our Safety Standards

Safety is one of the most important aspects in successfully completing any construction job. There are many dangerous pieces of equipment and invasive procedures that put the worker at risk. It is our goal to instill into all of Henderson Electric of NWF employees and those around us the importance of being safe and being aware of the dangers of a construction site. We make sure that all safety issues are addressed and scheduled meetings occur to make sure that they have not been forgotten and to remind our staff the importance.

Our Safety Standards

Safe Operating Rules and Practices

Safety First When Working with Electrical SystemsGeneral safe operating rules and practices apply to all employees, regardless of the nature of their duties. Henderson Electric of NWF explains these rules to all new hires during indoctrination and again emphasized at tool box meetings. We rigidly enforce the general requirements and thoroughly explain the importance of the safety of not only themselves but also for others. All of our employees must have a firm understanding of safe operating rule whether its keeping work areas safe and clear of hazards or having the knowledge of the equipment and of their surroundings and the dangers they pose. Having employees that combine their skills, with the safety that we instill, makes for a successful and more efficient project.

Incident Investigation

Accident investigation helps us control rising costs and improves the efficiency of the operation by finding and correcting the causes of the injuries, downtime, scrap and damaged equipment, tools and materials. Accidents resulting in injuries deserve high priority, however accident investigation is even more effective to determine the steps needed to prevent further loss and to assist in how to help the person or equipment that has been damaged or injured.

Vehicle Safety

Through management direction and leadership Henderson Electric of NWF can ensure that every effort has been made to select the most qualified person for each job. The drivers that are selected have to meet all requirements before selection. Applications, personal interviews, references, physical examinations, written tests and driving tests all determine  the qualified selection of our safe drivers. We want to make sure they are knowledgeable and aware of the vehicles capabilities and that are aware of their surroundings and others.

Protection of Public and Property

On each facility we are performing work, we have certain guidelines to follow to make sure that visitors, customers and general public that comes in contact with the facility. We do not want anyone to get hurt in or around any building and we try to protect the mental and physical well being of people both young and old.  Job conditions may warrant additional precautionary measures. Protection barricades or devices are always lighted or well marked either electricity or by color. There should be no need for an accident to the public when we follow the correct safety steps to prevent one.

Property Protection

Property protection helps maintain a safe working environment for everyone. Henderson Electric of NWF employees are fully aware that protecting the facility of construction and their surroundings will ensure the safety of themselves and others that may be around them. Making sure, that at times up to 50+ employees on one project are safe and have a safe working environment, our project management takes all steps necessary to properly teach the importance of  working in a safe environment created by the employee.

Shop Self inspection

Self-Inspection to Henderson Electric of NWF  is an essential part of an overall safety program. By following a well-planned self-inspection program we can save resources, time and money through loss control. The primary purpose of inspections is to identify hazards and eliminate them. When effectively planned and controlled, this program reduces the frequency and severity of accidents and job interruption. Efficiency is improved and costs are controlled.

Hazard Communication

Henderson Electric of NWF has developed programs which are intended to provide our employees with vital information concerning hazardous materials to which they may be exposed at their work location, the protective measures to be taken, the safe work habits necessary to eliminate or minimize the risks of unhealthful exposure and to provide the information required to facilitate medical treatment in the event of unsafe levels of exposure. Henderson Electric of NWF wants our employees to fully understand the dangers that hazardous materials pose and what actions need to be taken to use or avoid them.

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Blood-borne pathogen awareness is a very important issue not only to Henderson Electric of NWF but everyone associated in the construction field. There are many potential ways that BP exposure  can affect many people. We try to avoid exposure if at all possible but in the event that an employee does come in contact with blood-borne pathogens, we take immediate action to follow the OSHA standards.

Fall Prevention/Protection

Fall prevention/protection is not taken light heartedly at Henderson Electric of NWF. This is one of the most important safety aspects that our employees must understand when dealing with lifting equipment or working in and elevated location. There are numerous ways to be injured involving fall hazards so Henderson Electric employees must identify the fall hazard, evaluate and prioritize the situation and prevent the situation from happening. Henderson Electric complies with all OSHA safety standards in elevated conditions through body supports, anchorage, connecting materials/devices and hard hats. All of our employees are trained to exceed the requirements necessary in fall prevention.

Occupational Injury Management

Occupational Injury Management is a post injury procedure that Henderson Electric of NWF employees must go through that is designed to ensure quality medical care, contain medical costs, reduce the opportunities for litigation and return injured workers to full gainful employment in the earliest possible time. We wish that none of our employees will get hurt but in the event that they do, we want them to know that every step will be taken to get them the help that they need to get them quality care and on the job as soon as possible.

Lockout/Tag-Out Program

Lockout/Tag-Out program is a safety procedure requirement, that we strictly enforce, to prevent deaths and injuries caused by the activation of machinery through the sudden unexpected release of energy. This procedure applies to all forms of energy including electrical, steam, pneumatic, hydraulic, thermal, chemical, pressurized liquids and gases, mechanical, gravity loads, etc. OSHA estimates that lockout/tag-out compliance could prevent some 120 deaths, 28,000 serious injuries and 32,000 minor injuries annually. Henderson Electric of NWF takes this very seriously and provides adequate training to all of our employees. There is no job too small or too short for lockout/tag-out.

Substance Abuse

The illegal use of drugs is a national problem that seriously affects every American. Drug abuse not only affects individual users and their families, but also presents severe dangers in the work place. Henderson Electric of NWF has always been committed to providing a safe work environment and fostering the well being and health of our employees. Illegal drug use jeopardizes this commitment and undermines the capability  of  Henderson Electric of NWF to produce quality products and services. We have developed a policy regarding the use of illegal drugs that we believe serves as the best interest for our employees. Our policy formally and clearly states that the illegal use of drugs and abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated. This policy was designed to keep in mind the two main objectives to keep in mind:

  1. Our employees deserve a work environment that is free from the effects of illegal drugs and the problems associated with their use.
  2. Our company has a reputation of quality employees and work and we have the responsibility to maintain our reputation and a healthy and safe workplace.

Henderson Electric of NWF takes great pride in the work that we do. We would not be able to perform that work without our dedicated and skilled employees. We take every precaution necessary to make sure that when we send our employees to the job site that we have actively selected and trained the most qualified individuals to uphold the Henderson Electric of NWF reputation. We are very proud of the safety awards that we have won over the years on numerous projects and hopefully that will continue in the future.

If you have any questions about our safety standards, give us a call! We are always happy to discuss our efforts to keep our employees and clients safe and secure.