Exterior Lighting

Making sure the lighting surrounding your building is effective and efficient is an important part of running a successful business. For some industries, the electricity drawn by exterior lighting can be one of the largest factors affecting their utility costs. If the parking lot lights, entrance lighting and other fixtures are not providing an inviting and safe environment, you may be turning away valuable customers before they know anything else about your business.

Regular Lighting Maintenance Saves You Money

Exterior Lighting at Multi-family ComplexOver time, old bulbs and lighting systems become less efficient as they are degraded by exposure to the environment. Without scheduled inspections and upkeep, these issues can increase the energy used while providing less light. This can lead to increased operational expenses and leave poorly lit areas that are unsafe.

Having a bright and well-maintained exterior lighting is a great way to get your business noticed by potential customers. Well-lit parking lots and building entrances broadcast the message that you are open for business and appreciate all those who walk through your door. Malfunctioning or burnt-out lights can be interpreted as a lack of caring or attention to detail. Is that the message you want to communicate?

Upgrade Your Exterior Lighting with LEDs

LED lights have made significant improvements over the last few years and the models that are now available provide brighter light while using significantly less power. Changing out your outdated bulbs and fixtures to new, efficient LEDs can provide a major reduction in operating costs.

For many consumers, knowing a company is committed to environmentally friendly practices is a big factor in deciding where to make their purchases. Switching from older lighting technologies to LED bulbs and fixtures is a great way to visibly prove that your company is making real changes.

Call the Exterior Lighting Specialists

If you are ready to discuss how upgrading to LEDs and establishing a regular maintenance program can benefit your bottom line, call Henderson Electric of NWF. Our highly trained and certified electricians can help you understand the options and create a lighting plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.