Home Rewiring

If your home was built over 40 years ago, there’s a good chance it was wired with aluminum. This outdated material has been shown to create several unsafe conditions as it ages. To keep your home and family safe, call Henderson Electric of NWF to schedule your home rewiring!

Home RewiringWhat is the Difference Between Aluminum and Copper Wiring?

There are many differences between the safety of aluminum and copper wire over time. While both are capable of carrying electrical current throughout your home, copper is a much more stable metal. The heat of carrying a current causes aluminum wiring to expand more than copper. Aluminum is also a significantly softer metal, and is prone to getting nicked or damaged during installation.

Why is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous?

When you turn on your lights, cook with an electric stove or turn on your air conditioner, electricity flows through the wires behind your walls. Over many years, this causes aluminum wires to contract and expand many times to the point where connections may become loose. This can lead to dangerous arcing capable of starting a fire that may spread quickly throughout your home.

Another major issue with old aluminum wiring is the oxidation that can build up. When aluminum is exposed to air, it oxidizes and builds up a thick coating. This oxidation acts like an insulator and may cause switches, outlets or fixtures to stop working. Though copper is a more expensive material, it is superior for home wiring in almost every way.

Other Reasons for Home Rewiring

Beyond the need to remove and replace aluminum wiring, there are instances where it becomes necessary to rewire your home. In older homes, even if the wiring uses copper the gauge, or thickness of the wiring may not be sufficient for the large number of electronics used today. Plugging in a television, stereo and other equipment to a single circuit can draw more power than older wiring can handle.

When a circuit is overloaded, undersized wiring can get very hot and pose a fire threat. Though rewiring is often a major project to undertake, it is much less costly than recovering from a fire started by faulty or insufficient wiring. Other reasons for updating to modern wiring include the need to add new equipment.

Call Henderson Electric of NWF to Inspect Your Wiring

Call Henderson Electric of NWF today to schedule your home rewiring consultation. Our team of experienced electricians can tell you if your home wiring is safe or if it needs to be replaced. All of our work meet local, state and national codes as well as insurance company requirements.